It’s the [add in date that you’re starting the Time Capsule]

This is a time capsule.

It is a record of who we are right now.

It is a record of a time when the coronavirus came.

When all the schools shut down.

And everyone got told to stay inside.

We are group of teenagers sitting in our bedrooms.

In our living rooms.

Our kitchens.

Our [add in another place in a home]

Our bathrooms.

Stuck in our homes in a place called Waterloo

In London

In the UK

In Europe

In the World.

For the next few weeks,

Or months –

– no one knows how long, really –

We’re not going anywhere.

So we’re going to film ourselves.

Every week.

So that we’ll remember what it was like.

What we did…

What we didn’t do…

And how we felt.

Because this has never happened before.

And it might never happen again.

This is our Coronavirus Time Capsule.

And it starts…