What is it?

A collaborative Drama and Film project working with Coin Street Youth Forum and filmmakers Iconic Steps. We will be using our that remaking skills to develop a film. Iconic Steps are the people behind the spoken word film we watched in the hall before lockdown.

When will it be taking place?

From September 2020 we will be using our Friday sessions to create a piece (or collection of pieces) built around our 3 key themes of:-

  • Truth;
  • Life; &
  • Equality

Then, in February 2021, Iconic Steps will work with us and Coin Street Youth Forum to turn the piece into a film.

What do we need to do?

The format of the film is to be decided by you and the Youth Forum based on the work that we put together. Each week we will be aiming to develop and refine the things we want in the film. This means you may want to develop some of the ideas and pieces that we started early in the year and ever quite got to finish. Or something fresh.

Monologues, scenes, spoken word, movement pieces, vlogs all could have a place here. The film could be narrative, or feel like a collage. But it MUST feel like it came from US.

Each week we will start with what we want to achieve and end with a plan for the week or the next session. We will be writing, rewriting, staging, rehearsing and polishing the pieces until they are the best version of what they can be.

What else do we need to know?

We are working to very strict deadlines on this project, and with other groups who will be relying on us to hold up our end of the project. That means a level professionalism beyond what we have worked under before. We have a responsibility to bring our best.