Each week that we put out ‘The Realist’ we include a mix of live and pre-recorded elements. The more we put out, the more material we need to make, and this can be done at home, during the week.

What should I record?

You can either choose to follow the theme, or record what is interesting/important to you at the moment and we will find a way to include it in the programme. Examples might be:-

A Top Five list, where you rank something and give each one a bit of a description as to what it is and why you put it there.
A true monologue describing how you feel about the theme or a specific element of it.
An interview with someone.

A piece in character, imagining a situation around the theme.
A scene between you and someone else.
An imagined news report

Or anything else you can think of. Some examples of pieces (These have been edited and had music added)…

Mori – Legacy

Maly – Jamaica

How do I record myself?

The easiest way to record yourself is usually with your smart phone.


If you have an iphone we recommend a free app called Voice Record 7. It is in the app store and looks like this

Once you have it, there are a few settings you need to change to make sure you are recording in the best quality (for most of this you only need to do it once). First you need press the red dot at the bottom of the screen to start recording, then to tap on Advanced. Change the Record format to WAV (PCM). Once you’ve done that press Start.

Once you are finished recording, you can choose Save to Google Drive. The first time you do this it will ask you to log in. The username is wct.therealist@gmail.com and the password is TheRealist2021 . Once you are logged in you just need to press upload. This will go straight to Mark. If there’s any music or edits you would like you can sent him a message with instructions.


It is a similar process on Android Phones, except the app is called Voice Record Pro. It looks slightly different, but everything is basically in the same place. The process for uploading to the google drive should be the same.

Tips for Recording

  1. Try and record somewhere as quiet as possible.
  2. Try and record somewhere with as little echo as possible (under your blanket works well)
  3. Work from a script. If you get it they way you want it on paper it will make a better recording.
  4. That said, don’t worry too much about mistakes. Stop, take a breath and start from the beginning of the sentence. Mistaes Mistakes can always be edited out.
  5. Make sure you press record!! Even the professionals fall foul of this sometimes.