The Coronavirus lockdown has made us all feel different about time. As we emerge into an uncertain world, we’re want you to use some of the ideas we have been playing with to create a 60-second video that captures and describes a minute of your time during the pandemic.

This is a collaboration with Company 3 and all the other groups that made CoronaVirus Time Capsules. The videos will be presented on their (and our) YT Channel. She of the pieces may then feature on a Google Arts and Culture Gallery.


You can use any artistic forms you like, but we encourage you to think about layering different elements (performance, writing, sound, music, voice) to create a single piece.

The piece must be captured digitally and include a visual element (e.g. if you write a song, you should record it and layer it with images or video).

You do not have to appear yourself in your video, though you can if you want to.

You can make your piece however you like, but here’s a three-stage guide to help.

Stage 1: Choose a minute.

Make a list of different minute-long moments that sum up your experience of the pandemic so far.

You might choose moments when something big or siginficant happened, or moments which represent your day to day life in lockdown, or when things started to open up.

Think about:
Conversations / Discoveries / Changes / Surprises / New experiences / Hobbies / Defining moments / Habits / Meetings / Boring things / Exciting things

Be very specific about exactly what happened in the minutes you include in your list. Is it the exact minute something happened, or the minute before, or after?

  • Look through your list.
  • Choose one minute that just feels right (you can always come back to the other ones later).

Stage 2: Create Create Create.

Without thinking too much, or trying to be good, experiment with different artforms to express how you feel about the minute you have chosen.

Think about
What happened / Why it was important / What it felt like / What you sensed / What you were thinking / What it means to you / Your relationship with time – did the minute fly by or pass slowly? Does it feel recent or a long time ago?

Explore your minute from every artistic angle possible. Make a few things. Challenge yourself to work in artforms that you wouldn’t normally use.

Artforms you might play with
Video / Poem / Music / Lyrics / Speech / Monologue
/ Soundscape / Diagram / Instructions / Dance / Movement / Live Art / Collage / Visual Art / Animation

Stage 3: Refine and Polish.

Choose the piece or pieces that best express what you feel about your minute.

Re-draft and refine them. Think carefully about what you want your audience to think about and feel while they’re experiencing your piece.

Experiment with layering different elements. Think about how sound, voice or music might work with video of you performing, still or abstract images.

You can do this live (e.g. by filming yourself dancing to a track playing in the background), or you can use editing software. Let us know if you need any technical tips.

Think about the stucture of your piece – how it builds up, what happens in it and how it finishes.

Put it all together and make sure it lasts exactly 60 seconds.

Once you have it, send it to us and we will add it to the project.


Copyright and permissions

We are not able to include any video that uses copyrighted material (e.g. commercially made videos, images or music), or videos with watermarks. You must also have the permission of anyone who appears in your video (or their parents, if they are under 18).