Hi everyone.

Some of you mentioned wanting to get involved in Company Three’s latest project ‘Coronavirus Time Capsule’. So here’s how we do that.

Everyone films themselves performing a version of the Beginning monologue .

Your task is to film your line(s) and send the videos back to us. Your lines are written here. Film in landscape mode. Choose a great location and camera angle, get someone to film you if it helps, speak clearly and slowly, look right into the camera and make it meaningful! C3’s version is above.

Send us the videos via the insta group, or Whatsapp (to 07451233650) or any other clever way you can think of.

Each Monday we will send you a new theme or idea to respond to. It will be your task to create a short (15secs or so) video in response to that theme and then send them to us on Thursday.

We’ll edit them together in some way and share it with you on Friday. Then the same happens again the next week.

What Should the Videos be?
Every week each person involved in the project should create a fifteen-second piece of video. A video could be a performance, a poem, a scene, a piece of movement, a puppet show, an animation, a speech – anything!

Each video should be:
• About fifteen seconds long.
• A little piece of art – something considered and crafted.
• Created only out of the things you have around you (i.e. shouldn’t have external
video edited into it).

Videos can:
• Be a result of a collaboration between two or more group members.
• Include another person, so long as you are not filming your younger brothers and sisters without parents’ permission
• Be an expressive or unexpected response to the Topic – the more individual, the better. We shouldn’t try and make a documentary.

Videos should not:
• Be a person talking to the camera spontaneously. This is not a vlog – film something you have practised.
• Use commercial music in case it means the video gets taken down by its host (e.g. YouTube aggressively remove videos that breach copyright).

If you have any questions at all you can contact Anna or Mark. You should make sure that you are not sharing things that other people would not want shared or that you do not want people to see/know. You don’t even have to be on camera if that’s not your thing – a puppet show? Stop-motion animation? All good.

Lots of other youth theatres and groups are involved, so you can get loads of inspiration by looking up #CoronavirusTimeCapsule on Social Media.